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We offer our customers advanced solutions to distribution of electricity in the energy distribution, industry and building sectors. We are you dependable partners throughout the whole life cycle of the project. You can be sure that you get the best and safest technology from us.



Solutions to reliable production, transfer and distribution of energy

Our solutions are made to last even in the hardest conditions. Our wide product range covers the product needed at substations and distribution network.


Reliability to industrial energy distribution and automation

We deliver switchgear and services to the industrial projects for energy distribution and process control. 


Reliable systems for distribution of electricity to every project

Wide range of high quality products for construction and infrastructures. We ensure a safe procurement of distribution systems every time and a real time project monitoring system.

Customer cases


Nokia Arena, Tampere, Finland

Nokia Arena was built using the electricity distribution systems of Norelco, NorPower 5000 main distribution boards, NorBus 5000 busbar trunking, NorPower 1250 switchboards and NorLine 800 panels.


Jiangshu Bohui paper machine BM1, China

Jiangsu Bohui Paper Industrial produces packing cartons and other paper products. Norelco delivered the NorPower 5000 motor control centers neede for the control of the BM1 paper machine.


Ovako Steel, Transformer substation, Imatra, Finland

Norelco delivered a factory made NorSwitch transformer station for Ovako Steel factory. It was installed next to the old pumping station, on a concrete plinth. The building was delivered in two parts which were joined on the site. The transformer station includes two distribution transformers and a warm control room with NorPower 5000 distribution boards.


Boliden zinc smelter, Odda, Norway

The Boliden zinc smelter in Odda, Norway, produces zinc for the global market. Norelco delivered NorPower 5000 motor control centers with Prfibus and VSD control installed in withdrawable cassettes for an expansion project. 


RTB Bor Flash smelter, Serbia

RTB Bor flash smelter forms copper into anode-form. The flash smelter furnace and its auxiliary equipment were a project where Norelco delivered the NorPower 5000 process MCC’s, NorBus 5000 busbar ducts and control boxes.


Keljonlahti power plant, Jyväskylä Finland

Norelco delivered NorPower 5000 process control switchgear for the Keljonlahti power plant in Jyväskylä


HUS Triangle Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

The HUS triange hospital is home to a day hospital, dialysis treatment unit, magnetic resonance imaging unit and various patient departments and laboratories. There are beds for 210 patients. The area of the building is 25 660 m2 and volume 122 000 m3. Norelco delivered NorPower 5000 main distribution boards, NorBus 5000 busbar ducts and distribution boards for for normal, verified and UPS distribution.

We secure the reliability of the society with the attitude of a forerunner.