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Norelco offers a large high quality product range

All succesful energy distribution system delivery projects are based on solid product development and project specific execution planning. Norelco's product range has been developed together with the customers and there is alway an optimized product for different needs. The products are modular systems which can easily be applied for evey neeed and project. Since the products are manufactured in own factories can the modifications be done swiftly and with high quality. Latest technologies and automation are used in the manufacturing. 


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The quality is an important value for all the employees of Norelco. All the products are checked twice, first by the electrician and then by the inspector. The products are certified and type tested in independent laboratories. 

Norelco uses only high quality components as a standard in the products. These are from reputable manufacturers and Norelco monitors their quality constantly.

The wide product range is amplified with a wide range of supporting services that are done at the factory and on site.