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Privacy policy

Customer and partner register


1. Register manager

Norelco Oy
Taitajante 4-6
57210 Savonlinna

2. Contact person in matters of this register

Olli Malinen
Taitajante 4-6
57210 Savonlinna
olli.malinen@norelco.f, +358 50 525 5009

3. The purpose of handling personal information

To create, maintain and develop customer and partner relations. Follow our operation with our current customers and partners. Send customers information and inquiries. Market our products and services to registered persons and inform about events and news concerning Norelco. Contact in possible crisis situations. Use in the evaluation of sales performance monitoring.

Person register handling is based on the consent of the registerd person, to customer or partner relation or other grounds listed in the European and Finnish general data protection legislation and directives including  (EU 2016/679) .

4. Informational contents of the register

For customers and partners name of the company, person's name, contact information (address, telephone, e-mail), Norelco's representative, sales information, customer's or partner's contact log and answers to Norelco's inquiries, news letters.

5. Most common sources of information

The personal information is mostly gathered from the registered persons and from customer events (fairs, customer events etc.)

6. The extent of personal information handling

Peronal information is only handled by thos Norelco employees who have a need for them based on their assigned duties.

7. Transfer of information

No information from Norelco's register is given to exterior entities by Norelco.

8. Principles of securing the information in the register

Paper materials of customers and partners are stored in locked spaced in the working stations where the information is used. Electronic material of customers and partners is stored on servers inside the Norelco premises and their protection is exewcuted with the same methods as the protection of Norelco's own material is done.

The registered persons have a right to check his/her own information, ask for a correction or removal and to forbid the use of his/her personal information for marketing purposes. This request shall be done in writing, be signed by the person and deliver to the above mentioned address.


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