Nokia Arena, Norelco

3.5.2022 | News

Nokia Arena was delivered on time for the ice hockey championships

The new Nokia Arena was built right in the middle of Tampere in Finland. It was a very demanding project in terms of project schedule, size and logistics. The electrical contractor Caverion appreciated Norelco's role as a flexible supplier, because the design documentation was not on time and there were a lot of changes during manufacturing and even after delivery. 

According to project manager Marko Nieminen of Norelco, the project was marked by extensiveness, project schedule challenges and central location inside the city.

One of the biggest challenges was the apace or rather lack of it.

-  A couple of times we noticed that the delivered switchboard did not fit inside the room where it was supposed to. In practical terms design was done on the run and design alterrations were done constantly, says Nieminen

-        Norelco's expert crew visited the site four times to make requested alterations to the switchboards. Some changes were also done during the weeksend. There were more changes than normally.. 

The biggest success was keeping the time schedule. 

-        Norelco delivered 178 switchboards to the site, tells Nieminen 

Keskustoimitusten aikataulua jouduttiin työmaan viivästysten vuoksi päivittämään. 

-        The delivery of switchboards was monitores constantly using the weekly report sent by Norelco. Despite all the challenges Norelco succeeded very well in the delivries., thanks Nieminen

The elecrtrical works of Norelco Arena were done in less than one year. 

Norelco is a valued partner to Caverionille

Nieminen underlines that in addition to price and quality factors, good contacts are important in demanding projects. 

-      Good contacts are an advantage. You know who to call and once the ground rulkes of co-operation are set it is very easy to work together.

Nieminen describes the co-operation with Norelco as easy. Especially thankful Nieminen is about the flexibility of Norelco when a need rises.

-        Norelco has a big capacity and resources can be divided in different ways and because of this changes in delivery schedules are possible.