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Reliable solutions for production, transfer and distribution of energy


Norelco manufactures reliable products for production, transfer and distribution of energy. Strong experience and expertise are the bases on which we supply distribution solutions for new and restoration projects in power plants, substations and LV/MV networks. Our customers are typically power companies, power plants and network installation companies.

Our products are based on our own product development. Our range of products includes primary and secondary substations and primary and secondary medium voltage swithgear and low voltage switchboards.

  • NorSwitch primary substations and transformer stations
  • NPM kiosk type substations
  • NorMega withdrawable MV switchgear
  • NorMax modular fixed MV switchgear
  • N8MAO distribution cabinets

Primary and secondary substations can also be delivered installed at place (in Finland). We also make renbovations and alterations to existing substations.

For MV switchgear we have a withdrawable, removable and fixed solution.


Continuous improvement is in the heart of our competence.

We secure the reliability of the society with the attitude of a forerunner.

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