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The use of cookies on Norelco webpages

Cookies may be transferrd to the computer of the visitor. Cookies are used to gather information such as starting web page, whic www-pages you have opened, which browser you are using, what is the resolution of you screen and your operating system, what is your computers IP-address.

Using these cookies enables Norelco Oy and its partners to follow the visitor numbers and to analyze and develop services to offer better service for the visitor. Partners of Norelco may use cookies to target their marketing and to information about the visitor's visits on this and other web pages. The information gathered by using cookies is used for targeting the marketing. In this cookies based marketing the visitor is not identified and the information is not linked with personal information from other sources.

The visitor can prevent the use of cookies by changing the settings of his/her browser in a way that blocks the use of cookies. The visitor accepts that for some services blocking the cookies may effect the functionality of the services:

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