Norelco yrityksenä | Norelco

Norelco is based on a growth story

Electricity and development of the technology needed for its use has been the vision of the company since the beginning. The founder of Norelco, Mr E.O.Hämäläinen, understood early the possibilities offered by the ideas and inventions of the famous pioneer of electricity, Mr. Thomas Edison. At the same the the society was being electrified and new technology was taken into use. This gave the idea of starting an own electrical company and start growing it using new electrical innovations.

After several development phases has the specialization in electrical distribution systems and their automatization formed Norelco into a strong european manufacturing company

The development of the family company has continued for 60 years and the core values are still based on honest entrapreneurship, diligent work and personal respect. The growing use of electricity gives and excellent base for future growth of Norelco.

Norelco Oy

Efficiency and experience to energy distribution

We develop and manufacture innovative electric distribution systems based on customer feedback, thriving to offer solutions to the ever changing business environment. 

  • we design and develop customer specific solutions for new and renovation projects
  • we manufacture installation friendly and innovative products for your project
  • we remain yout trustworthy partner through the complete life cycle of the product
  • we offer quality service in all phases of the project
  • we handle the projects with experience
  • we specialize in low and medium voltage switchgear, substations and services which support the operation and commissioning of the products

Norelco is an innovative manufacturer

We develop and manufacture innovative distribution systems for our customers based on their feedback. At the same time we thrive to bring solutions to the changing need of the ever changing business environment. 

We specialize in low and medium voltage switchgear and substations and their supporting services.

We are proud of our certified products which have been developed for the most demanding environments.

The tradition of succeeding and high quality are based on our own product development and reputable partners.


Norelco has a history of decades and is an economically strong company

We have a vast experience of manufacturing low and medium voltage switchgear for different industries. Our long and reputable customer list includes companies of all sizes from around the world, who can tell stories about our reliability and expertise. 

We work in close co-operation with testing utilities and standardization committees. Our modern production facilities are audited regularly. Norelco's carefully manufactured products and services ensure a succesful and safe procurement time after time.

Product Development

Careful design ensures excellent results 

A succesful switchgear delivery project is based on well designed products. Our products are designed for versatile customer needs. The products are tested in independent IEC- and EN-laboratories, where short circuit and arc fault tests are executed. 

In the planning phase our experts make suggestions for the execution of the switchgear and make suggestions which offer technical or economical benefits. The components come from well reputed high quality manufacturers. The products can be modified to customer needs and they are manufactured using the latest technologies and automation. 

All our products are manufactured in Finland where we have a long tradition of making quality products.


Continuous improvement increases competitivity

All our products are exhaustively tested at the factory before sending them to the site. The product families have type test certificates, which ensure a safe operation and minimize damages in even in the most extreme situations. All our customer projects are managed carefully and we also check the quality of the electrical design documents before manufacturing. We offer fast schedules in projectd of all sizes..

We pay attention to environment in all our internal and external operations and recycle a large quantity of our waste materials. The water that we use in our production is recycled 100%. 

Energy for life with expertise 
– since 1962